Support Underserved Local Entrepreneurs


Our story is not one of saving puppies or bringing clean water to disadvantaged children in Africa.  Our story is one of helping people who don’t know how to help themselves.  It is one of going out into the local community and igniting growth through passionate entrepreneurs who are willing to do what others are not.  These entrepreneurs go into the community, produce revenue, and create jobs that normally would not be there.  We are proud to have a long list of clients who have benefited from the services that BiGAUSTIN provides.  Through our services Central Texas has more local business owners resulting in more jobs and increased revenue for the region.


Women of Wealth 1000 (WOW1000) is a campaign that we started to specifically help under-served women learn the skills and obtain the funds to start the business of their dreams. WOW1000 is an investment in women through microloans, training programs, and one-on-one business consulting.  The special fund will continue to invest in itself as women repay their loans.  These funds will then be reinvested into another woman-owned business.


Why donate to Women of Wealth 1000?  

Through our partnerships 25% of these funds will be dedicated to providing services to human trafficking victims.  Our goal is to help start 112 woman-owned businesses and create over 400 jobs in Texas.  YOUR contribution directly provides women with microloans, business training, and one-on-one business consulting.  Every year, women will repay their loans resulting in a sustainable, long-term fund that will continue to help women entrepreneurs.

Christy Butler - Jewell #3


What Can $1,000 Do?

-Provide a scholarship for 5 women to participate in our 7-week Start Smart course that gives them the skills to turn a business plan into action

-Provide a computer, printer, and software for a home-based business

-2 weeks of interim pay while waiting for receivables

-20 hours of one-on-one business consulting

-13 classes of QuickBooks training

Last year BiGAUSTIN was able to sustain 18 women-owned businesses while creating 64 jobs. With your help we can increase those numbers by 500%!!



By donating you are supporting local entrepreneurs who normally would not have the opportunity to receive help in embarking on the future of their dreams.  PLEASE help us today!!


5 thoughts on “Support Underserved Local Entrepreneurs

    • Thank you for visiting our blog and taking the time to comment! Entrepreneur Warehouse looks like a great initiative and we wish you the best of luck! Please contact us if you have any questions regarding small business or doing business with the city. Even though we do business with The City of Austin, there are many similarities. Please visit for more info! Keep us updated on you progress!

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  1. I am reaching out to let people know about my business. I remember I came to Big Austin years ago Big had some good information but told me I had not been in business long enough for help. Well four year later I had SBA from San Antonio on the phone with Wellsfargo and Wellsfargo did not fund my request although is guaranteed by SBA I had to basically slow down my whole operation because the funding was critical. 12 years later the business is still here I have earned my degree in Business Administration. This time when apply for an SBA loan I want to see exactly what will happen.


    • Thank you for checking out our blog, Don! Unfortunately, the SBA has very strict regulations regarding who can and can’t be approved for a loan depending on how long they have been in operation. That is why BiGAUSTIN is working to provide loans that aren’t funded by the SBA. We are very happy you have completed your degree and are still in business! Thank you again for using BiGAUSTIN as a resource and we hope that you will continue to check us out if you need further business assistance.


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