Texas Carpet Baggers


Texas Carpet Baggers just opened up a new store!  Becky set out to design handmade handbags that are unique and functional.  Firstly, she wanted the handbags to be constructed using exceptional materials so that they would last a long time.  Becky was tired of seeing the cheap, flimsy, mass-produced handbags that so many people carry around simply because they are cheap.  Everything is made in her new shop using wood, leather, and luxurious fabrics.  Not only did she make one size, but she has made several different styles in different sizes so that you can get the custom handbag you are looking for.


Becky came to BiGAUSTIN needing help with getting her new store opened and getting the capital that she needed.  BiGAUSTIN was able to approve her for a loan to jump start her dream of owning her own store front.  By helping her open her first store ever, BiGAUSTIN has given her the ability to show the world what she’s all about.  Her goal is to become a brand that people turn to when they want something unique, strong, and beautiful.

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We hope that Texas Carpet Baggers has the opportunity to grow, hire more staff, and reap all the rewards that entrepreneurship has to offer!