Teen Watch Alert


Teen Watch Alert is a revolutionary new system designed to enhance your teen driver’s safety.  You receive a notification decal to attach to your child’s vehicle that includes the Teen Watch Alert toll-free number that other drivers will use to report any problems they observe.  This is the same type of driver improvement program that transportation companies have been using successfully for years.  Operators are available 24/7 to assist callers and parents.  Once a call is received at the command center, an operator will capture the details of the reported incident and contact you immediately with the information.


As a mother of two, Gaye Jones, decided to start Teen Watch Alert because of the alarming facts that revolve around accidents and teen drivers. BiGAUSTIN’s relationship with Gaye Jones goes beyond her being a client of ours, she has helped BiGAUSTIN with strategic planning and processes development within our organization.  We have become a client of Gaye’s and we work together to help each other out.  Here at BiGAUSTIN we are immensely proud to have a partner and client who cares just as passionately about America’s youth as we do.