Kebabalicious was started by two friends after going to Switzerland and discovering that Europeans were fond of the street food Doner Kebabs.  After learning more about these street vendors and what they served, they decided to try their own hands at making these delicious meals.  While finishing school in San Marcos they planned out their recipes and created a business plan to buy a food truck and sell kebabs.  They have been such a huge success that they needed to open a brick and mortar location.


That’s where BiGAUSTIN comes in.  Owners, Chris Childre and Kristian Ulloa, contacted us for a loan and sought out our expert advice as to how to expand their business from a booming food truck to store front with multiple locations.  They said, “BiGAUSTIN saved our company!  We felt like the Great Wall of China had erupted in front of us and we were aimlessly looking at each other contemplating our scenario and how to get around it, because climbing over it was impossible! After meeting with BiGAUSTIN…I felt like we met a real advocate for small business entrepreneurs.  The Great Wall of China didn’t seem to be so intimidating when the right person knows of a local tunnel and can lead you with a flashlight to the other side of success.  Thanks to BiGAUSTIN, our dream of opening the first Kebabalicious storefront on the trendy East side is now a reality!”

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