Created Woman Magazine


“Becoming the woman you are created to be, inside and out!”  Heather Frierson established Created Woman out of her love for fashion and her faith in God.  As her idea for her business began to take shape, BiGAUSTIN was there for her to give her guidance on everything from financials to her business plan.  Four years after establishing Created Woman Magazine, Heather is involved in all things fashion, but works to “Equip and empower women to be who they are created to be, inside and out, through education and resources.”


Created Woman is a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation that grew out of a passion to help women identify their purpose and a lifelong obsession with fashion.  They strive to demonstrate how fashion can be a way to express yourself and is a reflection of who you are inside.  By combining the two they are able to create a platform for women to connect coast to coast and have relevant, honest conversations with women.  Created Woman is more than just Fashion and Faith, it’s about providing a safe space to talk about the two while opening up doors for women to see their own potential.


BiGAUSTIN and Created Woman have worked together and partnered on several projects.  We are proud to see the success Heather has created for herself and are thrilled to be along for the journey.