Happy Birthday Gloria Steinem!

Happy Birthday Gloria from WOW1000

As we continue to make strides for women’s equality, it’s always great to reflect on those who have paved the way for this advocacy work and continued conversations.  At BiGAUSTIN we have always prioritized women’s economic equality through entrepreneurship and small business ownership.  Today, women still only earn 77¢ to every male $1.  Women also only own 28% of all businesses and receive only 5% of all venture capital funds.  With Austin being home to a booming economy supported by local small business, these numbers are truly unacceptable.  With our focus on Women’s economic equality, we launched the Women of Worth Initiative 1000 (WOW1000) which envisions a prosperous Central Texas where all women are empowered to shape their own destinies.  WOW1000 gives women the foundation to build the business of their dreams through training, business consulting, networking, advocacy, and microloans.  We exist to bridge the gap between resources, opportunities, and all women entrepreneurs who dare to dream BiG!  So, on this day, we take the time to say thank you and Happy Birthday to Gloria Steinem, a fearless leader for women’s rights for the past 5 decades.  Here’s a short clip on her life and work: