A Champion Within Our Own Backyard: Lulu Flores- Attorney, Political Activist, Community Leader, and Volunteer


What does an attorney, political activist, women’s rights advocate, yogi, and lifetime achievement award winner have in common?

Answer: Lulu Flores.

Lulu is an ambassador for BiGAUSTIN’s WOW1000 (Women of Worth 1000) campaign that specifically supports women who have been victimized by domestic violence and human trafficking to start a business and achieve self-sufficiency through training, business education, and one-on-one business consulting.

She has also done some pretty amazing things in her career. “Thanks to the efforts of Lulu, the legislature passed a bill that created temporary protective orders that are still used today in domestic violence cases, and for the first time in Texas history, provided state funding to domestic violence shelters (UT Law Magazine).” This is thanks to Lulu’s hardworking, never give up type of attitude. Not only has she fought for the rights of domestic violence victims, but she has been active with the National Women’s Political Caucus (NWPC), a national political non-profit that aims to increase the number of progressive, pro-choice women in local, state, and national offices. No matter what she is doing or where she is serving, Lulu is fighting for equal treatment of women whether in a political atmosphere or in the community.


This amazing woman is fluent in three languages, serves as the Commissioner for the Austin Arts Commission, is a member of the UT Center for Women and Gender Studies Advisory Committee, and recently won the Austin Woman of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award.

I could go on and on listing her numerous awards, but that would be boring.

More importantly, she has mastered the art of following her passions, something most people spend an entire lifetime trying to figure out. Determining her passions early on allowed her to take a strategic approach to her career, making each role she played meaningful for her. This is not to say she became this successful on a whim. Sure, she’s had to shatter some glass ceilings and dust herself off a few times, but the key is she never gave up.


Lulu values some of the very things BiGAUSTIN is built on, including women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship. We are incredibly proud (and lucky) to have a woman on our team who isn’t afraid to fight for what she believes in.

As the next generations of women are growing up and looking for role models, they need look no further. Don’t look to Britney Spears, don’t look to Lindsay Lohan, and please, do not look to Snooki. We have a champion in our own backyard. Someone who fights for women, who fights for equality, and fights to say that we have a voice.