Client Of The Month: Gaye Jones, CEO of TeenWatch Alert


Gaye Jones is not only passionate about teen driver safety, but she is a mother who cares deeply about her children.  She wanted some sort of support system to help monitor her teen’s driving as soon as they left the driveway, someone who could potentially help prevent an accident. Not only did she want this for her own children, but she wants this for everyone’s children. According to her website, motor vehicle accidents are currently the leading cause of death for teenagers in the U.S. This is an incredibly powerful statistic. What if there was a way to help decrease the number of teen accidents? Gaye’s solution may not solve the entire problem, but has the potential to make an impact in your teenagers driving habits.


Her idea is simple and has been practiced across the United States for some time now. I’m sure you would recognize the phone numbers on the back of commercial vehicles asking, “How’s my driving?” You can call this number and report any issues (or good habits) that you notice. The same concept can be used for TeenWatch Alert. Simply sign up on their website, TeenWatch Alert, and receive a decal to put on the back of your teenager’s car. If there are any issues, someone can call that 1-800 number to report your teenager. TeenWatch Alert will then inform you via phone, text, or email about any problems with your teens driving. This means if your teenager is driving recklessly, someone can call the number and report them, you will then be notified and can talk to them about the issue and hopefully resolve any bad habits before they turn into a real accident.


Gaye Jones has spent a significant of time researching teen driver safety and knows that something needs to be done to protect the youth of America. If we can help provide some accountability for our teenagers, then maybe we can help to develop better habits while on road, thus reducing accidents. As a mother, Gaye understands the importance of your teenagers safety and decided to do something. This is why BiGAUSTIN is proud to announce Gaye Jones our Client of the Month.


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