The Not-So-Secret To Success: Guest Blog Post by Shannon Malone, Business Development Coordinator

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There are many lists that discuss the keys to success as if it is on the other side of some Victorian door twiddling its thumbs and waiting patiently for you to find the right key, unlock the door, and set it free.   While these lists enumerate many well intended tools to help us reach our goals, they have the paradoxical effect of making success seem locked away and easily attainable.  Courage to take risks, persistence to stay the course, and determination to see it through are undeniably the qualities we need to reach our goals, but do not reveal the whole truth about success.  By now, of course we know that we must possess these attributes or “keys” to reach our goals.  The real truth is success is right in front of you, constantly evolving with you, and only attainable to those who consistently reach for it.  The biggest mistake people make is letting outside forces, like their family or society, dictate what success looks like for them.  For some women it will be running their own Fortune 500 Company, for others it will be staying at home and raising healthy, happy children, for many others it may be both.  It is completely within our power to define success, shape it into the best fit for ourselves and the lives we imagine.

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We must reclaim that power.

Once we have taken ownership of defining our benchmarks for success, we should accept and appreciate that it will change.  How I defined success in my late teens looks completely different in my late twenties and my criteria for success in my thirties.  As we experience more, gain more wisdom, and try new things, our goals will change and how we define success will change with it.  A beautiful part of life is being open to growing, seeing things differently, and changing our minds.  Success is no different.  It was and will always be a reflection of our values, of our dreams.


Success changes as we change.

As I work with the Women of Worth 1000 (WOW1000) at BiGAUSTIN to empower and equip women with the tools they need to start and run a successful business, it is important to keep in mind that it will look different for each and every woman.   Every woman who walks through our doors will have her own dream or idea.  As she embarks on that journey, whether her goal is to be financially independent, to be her own boss, to have more flexibility for herself or her family, or to increase resources for her community, at BiGAUSTIN we help these women reclaim the power to define and reach their dreams.  As the market changes, as women grow, WOW1000 is there to prepare her for and support her during those changes.  Being a part of this journey is how I have defined success for myself as a BiGAUSTIN team member.

Success for Women Entrepreneurs

My success is symbolized by each woman who embodies WOW1000’s vision, a prosperous Central Texas where all women are empowered to shape their own destinies.

Written by: Shannon Malone, Business Development Coordinator at BiGAUSTIN


2 thoughts on “The Not-So-Secret To Success: Guest Blog Post by Shannon Malone, Business Development Coordinator

  1. Very true. Define success by your standards and aspirations and not by the pressures and views of others. Success should be defined by your pursuits in life and be attributed to what truly makes you happy and complete in life.


    • That is exactly what Shannon was going for. Others may think you are or are not successful, but the only opinion that matters is your own. We want everyone to feel empowered and successful, but you can’t be successful unless you know what that is. Thank you for your comments, you always have insightful things to say!

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