Client of the Month: Deborah Main Designs


Deborah Main Designs has been working with BiGAUSTIN for a couple of years now and came to us needing capital to take her business to the next level.  Deborah needed money to take her product to the 2013 International Home & Gift Show in Atlanta, within a matter of days she was able to obtain her loan from the BiGAUSTIN family for custom shelving to display her pillows in the juried High Design section.  Not only did BiGAUSTIN provide her with a loan, but we were able to provide her with training and one-on-one business consulting to make sure that she was headed on the right track for success.


You are probably wondering how successful Deborah Main has been after receiving her loan.  Deborah was just selected as a nominee for the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made awards, which takes her to the national level of success.  But, being nominated for a national award isn’t the only way to measure success.  Deborah says that she has always, “been inspired by fashion for the home.”  Part of her success comes from being an excellent sales woman and having an eye for one of a kind designs.  The pillows that Deborah makes are special, they are made out of anything from a 1950’s cocktail dress to vintage curtains embellished with a vintage brooch.


Success can be defined in many ways, ranging from financial success to emotional success and anything in between.  The BiGAUSTIN family defines success as being financially independent while achieving emotional happiness.  Given this very simple definition, we can easily say that Deborah has been incredibly successful.  She was able to take her passion for fashion and turn her dream into a reality, this doesn’t mean there weren’t jumps and hurdles that she faced along the way.  It simply means that she took those challenges and rose up to the occasion.  Being successful doesn’t mean that you were never faced with adversity, but how you acted when you are faced with it.


The BiGAUSTIN family is extremely proud to have Deborah Main as a client and we are thankful to have such a great relationship with an amazing woman.  If you ever get the opportunity to meet this fabulous woman, you will immediately feel like an old friend.  Deborah Main is truly a leader in the community and is a role model to many other women out there who are trying to start their own business and achieve financial stability.


“I design each pillow as if it were the only pillow in the world. Whether it’s using a cocktail dress my mother would have worn in the 1950’s, or a dazzling vintage Schiaparelli brooch, I create each pillow with passion and love. As if it were sitting on a couch in a gorgeous mansion beside Grace Kelly or Ava Gardner smoothing out her satin gown, the romance of bygone eras truly fascinates me. Perhaps I’d like the pillow to charm a Fifth Avenue hostess or a San Francisco socialite at the height of her social glory, back in the day. When I discover a classic Chanel brooch or simply touch an antique piece of French silk passementerie, it sends me into an exciting creative orbit around the past and the future. Handcrafting luxury pillows is my passion! I love this art form, and sharing the beauty of it with the world gives me great joy.”
–Deborah Main, Austin, Texas 2013deborah