How We Can Combat Domestic Violence And Human Trafficking


Domestic violence is something that should be taken seriously and here at BiGAUSTIN we are happy to see the actions that the NFL has taken regarding Ray Rice and the video that was recently leaked by TMZ.  According to the Common Wealth Fund, “1 in 3 American women have been physically or sexually abused by a husband or boyfriend at some point in their lives.” This is an unacceptable rate of abuse in America that has continued and has been swept under the rug by many common myths revolving around domestic violence.

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In past years the NFL has tried their best to stay out of these situations and hasn’t given severe punishments for those who have been accused and/or convicted of domestic violence.  Here at BiGAUSTIN, we are proud to see that the NFL has taken a zero tolerance policy and really shown America (and the world) that they will not tolerate those who are being abusive and hurting other human beings.  As a nation we cannot sit back and do nothing about this.  As a nation we need the large organizations and companies to stand behind the people and support those who have been silenced.

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As an organization BiGAUSTIN stands behind the victims of domestic violence and is proud to say that we have always been involved with providing resources to these victims.

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One of our current initiatives is our campaign called WOW1000 (Women of Wealth 1000) which is basically a fund set up specifically for women who are victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.  You might be thinking, what does human trafficking and domestic violence have in common?  According to the American Bar Association, “Human-trafficking experts often talk about push and pull forces: conditions that propel or lure vulnerable people into situations of prostitution or forced labor. Domestic violence often serves as a push or pull force. People at risk, usually women and girls, often fall under the control of traffickers while attempting to escape intimate-partner abuse.”  The relationship between human trafficking and domestic violence is arresting and disturbing.  We must all work together to break the cycle of domestic violence so that we can further combat human trafficking, especially for young women.

Human Trafficking

Girls Trafficked Across Texas In One Month

The funds raised for our WOW1000 campaign go directly to women who have been affected by these tragic situations.  This campaign is not just to support these women emotionally, but the fund will provide them with the skills they need to be successful in the work place.  It will provide training, classes, and one-on-one business consulting for women who are interested in starting their own business.  It will also teach them the financial skills they need to run a business and be self-sufficient so that they can break the cycle of domestic violence and human trafficking.  WOW1000 works to connect women from all walks of life through a sustainable platform of lending, mentorship, and networking.  With these skills they will be able to move beyond the hurt and pain and lift themselves up to being successful, independent women.

No one should have to go through being a victim of domestic violence and our goal is to help women fight back (not literally) by learning the skills they need to be prosperous.  Not only will these women have the opportunity to better their lives, but they will have the opportunity to help other women through our mentoring program.  One-on-one they can help other women by teaching them what worked and what didn’t during the recovery process.  These women mentors can serve as an important support factor for other women who are just coming out of domestic violence and/or human trafficking situations.  BiGAUSTIN wants women to know that they are not alone and there is help.

Women Entrepreneurship

Invest In Women’s Entrepreneurship

By supporting BiGAUSTIN YOU are empowering women.


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