Poochie Trends: The Best Baked Biscuits for Your Favorite Poochie


Everyone knows that many dogs in America live a life of plush beds, organic treats, and cashmere sweaters.  Okay, maybe not cashmere but, they are wearing anything from sweaters to life jackets.  The point is, there are plenty of dog lovers out there who care about their pet as if they were a human because face it, they are like children.  Being an avid dog lover myself, I like to do anything that will make my poochie happy.  Including buying homemade, organic doggy treats.


Poochie Trends Pet Boutique and Bakery is a local business that bakes fresh dog treats daily.  This mother-daughter duo creates treats that your dog couldn’t have ever dreamed of!  They have everything from Wheat Free Apple Bacon Bites to Peanut Butter and Carrot Treats.  In addition, they have a Yappy Hour and even host Paw Parties, just in case you wanted to throw an official birthday party for your special pooch.


Recently Poochie Trends participated in the retirement of a special officer who served his country and the Austin Police Department for over 12 years.  His name is Rocky and he is a black retriever mix who was born in the U.S in 2002, shortly after he received extensive training in the U.S Air Force.  After that he trained with military K9 Handlers and then was adopted by the Austin Police Department.  He spent his time with APD working in narcotics detection and was very active in the community.  APD held a retirement party for him where Poochie Trends made homemade treat bags and pup cakes.

Read the article here


One of the great things about local businesses is that they really care about what is going on around the community.  Rocky served his country and Austin working to protect the citizens of this great nation and couldn’t have asked for better party favors than those of the flavorful organic, treats.  Poochie Trends really made his retirement party a success and has shown their appreciation for what he has done for our community.  Local businesses tend to help local initiatives and Poochie Trends is no exception.


Here at BiGAUSTIN we are proud to say that we support these local entrepreneurs and that Poochie Trends is a loyal client of ours.


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