A Day With The Kids From Moolah U


Today I had the pleasure of visiting our local Book People bookstore in downtown Austin to observe the children participating in the Moolah U summer camp.  Moolah U is a nonprofit organization that helps youth understand the way money works while “…inspiring them to establish habits that build a life of financial stability and independence.”

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There are a number of camps that have about 17 kids in each and they meet in different locations around town.  Each group has to plan their own business; one child is the CFO, another the CEO, about five kids for the marketing team, about another five for the production team, etc.  They work together to plan the different stages of starting their business and then present their plan to volunteer adult entrepreneurs.



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It truly is inspiring to see these children, ranging from ages 5-12, working together and problem solving how they can make this business work.  This particular group was working to sell bookmarks and book bags for the bookstore.  They looked at how much it would cost to make the items, how long, what they could sell them for, and how they could sell them.  They pitched their plan to the volunteers and asked for a loan!  Their plan got them $50 to go on over to Michael’s and get started.



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Each child participated, some were more shy than others, but in the end, they all worked together.  Not only were they excited about what they were doing but, they were learning valuable skills that can help them be successful in the future.  Each kid has something special to offer and it is our job to help them learn what that is.



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