You Have Failed Only If You Stop Trying

Starting a business is never an easy task and it definitely doesn’t come without sacrifices.  But, how can you start a small business AND minimize those sacrifices?  No one wants to risk their entire life savings or withdraw from their 401(K) early.  

In this video Robert talks about his Rich Dad and Poor Dad and how they both have completely different ways of thinking about money.  His Rich Dad believes that you should build a business and work for yourself.  He asks, “Why work hard all your life for something that you’ll never own and that you could get fired from in an instant?”  On the other hand, his Poor Dad believes that you should work hard for one company and establish job security through good work ethics and loyalty.  

Robert also talks about a “change in values” as people make the leap from employee to business owner or investor.  I think that this is a very important point as it really speaks to how it is difficult to go from being an employee to owning a business.  The point is simple and clear, why should you work hard all your life just to earn money in a company where you could possibly lose your job at any minute.  If you are going to put all the blood, sweat, and tears into your work, why not own it?  

The point here is this: there’s never a wrong time to make this transition from employee to business owner.  But, there are steps that you can take to make this transition easier.  First, look in your area and see if there are any resources to help you get started.  This could be a local nonprofit who helps people get off the ground (like BiGAUSTIN) or it could be an all day seminar related to writing a business plan.  Second, figure out what your goals are as a business owner and a time frame with which you hope to meet these goals.  Make sure that they are attainable and realistic in regards to the type of business you will be starting.  Third, network.  Get out there, talk to people, get your name heard.  

Never let the success or failure of others impact your goals and where you want to be.  You are your own person and your path is different from everyone else.  Just remember, you have failed only if you stop trying.  


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