Cornell Set to Build their Entrepreneurship Graduate School

Imagine if you could get a graduate degree that teaches you all the skills to start up your own business?

Robert Maynard Lifelock

Robert Maynard Entrepreneur Blog Post

Robert Maynard Lifelock EntrepreneurshipA recent article in Forbes discusses the new trend in entrepreneurship and how Cornell plans to address this trend. The university is spending $2 billion to build a graduate school based on business and computer science. The curriculum will be startup based. The school will be called Cornell Tech. Cornell University already has an innovation office that hands out $1 million a year in funding. This attracts big time investors and even Bill Gates donated $25 million to build a computing and science hall.

Jake Reisch founded Audiarchy at Cornell, a company that would rent headphones for silent discos where attendees listen to the music via headphones instead of through speakers. The company was presented in Jake’s entrepreneurship and private equity class, and venture capitalists were immediately intrigued with the idea. The company is already in line to double its revenue, as Jake has seen…

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