Why Are We Leaving Our Children Behind?

businesswoman writting something

A lot of times our youth are discounted because they are young and still very naive when it comes to the “real” world.  However, today our youth are driving this country forward with innovative ideas, ground breaking technologies, and a new level of wisdom that the older generations just can’t seem to comprehend.  According to a Forbes article, one thing that entrepreneurs believe policymakers need to do is increase entrepreneurial mentoring and support.  There are so many children out there who have an idea but they don’t have the resources to turn that idea into a possibility.  One can ask themselves, why are we leaving our children behind?  Why are we not investing in their future?  Investing in our youths future doesn’t just involve funding basic education and providing healthy meals.  We need to show them how to be successful.  We need to provide resources and training that will stimulate their creativity and push them to be better every day.  Maybe, just maybe, entrepreneurship is a viable option for youth who can’t afford higher education or can’t get a job.  Perhaps, instead of our high school graduates joining the masses in unemployment agencies, food stamp offices, and low-wage jobs, they could go out on their own and learn what it takes to be their own boss.  

Forbes: Standing Up For Youth Entrepreneurship

Coming up soon BiGAUSTIN will be having a competition where youth in high school can write a four page business plan along side a two minute video.  They will submit their written business plan to a panel of experienced judges and then they will post their video on Facebook to see who can get the most likes.  Half the scores will be the judges scores and half will be how many likes they get.  The first, second, and third place winners will receive a cash prize for the best business plan.  We hope this will get our youth thinking about what they can do to better their own lives as well as the the overall community.  The competition will start Sept 1st and run through Nov 1st so, remember to stay updated by following us on Facebook and Twitter @BiGAUSTIN!


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