Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Do you start your own business from home or a brick and mortar company?


By: Violeta Vasilopoulou

Lately, more and more women choose to work from the comfort of their homes. Whether they are splitting their work schedule and working from home a couple of days per week, running a small successful home-based business, or freelancing full time from their home office, women are increasingly establishing themselves professionally not in some office, but at their very own home offices. 

Pros & Cons from Working from Home

Surely, there are many reasons for setting up a home office. Either you need to stay home with the children or you lack the funds to rent an office space. However, whatever the reason, there are equally important pros & cons to working from home that shouldn’t be overlooked but weighed in carefully.

When you work in a corporate environment, all the advantages of working from home become very appealing in your mind. Many people often get attracted by the whole of idea of working…

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