Daniel Esquivel Partners With BiGAUSTIN To Give Back To The Community

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Daniel Esquivel, Season eleven contestant on Project Runway and Austin, Texas resident has teamed with BiGAUSTIN http://bigaustin.org/about-us/, to give back to the community through a luncheon/fashion show. Twenty-five percent of the event’s proceeds will go toward human trafficking victims; the rest will go towards entrepreneurship programs and to sustain BiGAustin’s success. The event is also intended to inspire women that want to be entrepreneurs in the fashion industry.
Today, Daniel met with BiGAUSTIN to go over the details of the fashion show that he’ll host at the luncheon. He walked into the office with a vibrant energy, his famous mustache and an eye catching and chic hand bag that had a print of a gold balloon, shaped into a dog.
We started our meeting by going over the details of the fashion show that he’ll be hosting, which will debut his Spring/Summer collection.
Attendees of the event “will be introduced to more conservative and wearable pieces for real women.” He also announced that he will be modeling a couple of pieces for plus size women. “There will be twelve models with twelve different looks”. He will also be auctioning a “Sara” dress during the event which he refers to as his “lucky charity dress”.
We concluded the meeting with a Q&A that gave us more insight on who Daniel is and how he operates as a fashion designer.
1. Q: What is the best advice that you can give an aspiring designer?
A: Go with your gut

2. Q: How does Austin’s fashion scene measure up to other cities that have been recognized for their fashion scene?
A: I see a lot of similarities between different cities. When it comes down to it, everyone wants to be different, have their own style and be comfortable.

3. Q: Name something that you cannot do without while designing?
A: A French ruler, which is basically a curled ruler that allows you to measure intricate parts of the body.

4. Q: What is your favorite Austin spot and why?
A: A grotto that is located at San Jose church. I like to go there and pray because it’s serene and peaceful. I’m on a journey to recovery from alcoholism and I’m not afraid to admit when I need help, I want to inspire people not to be ashamed to get help when they are suffering from an addiction. The thing that triggered my alcoholism was being bullied in school for being different.

Daniel concluded the Q&A by stating that people should embrace who they are. Daniel is definitely a gem and one of a kind. If you want to keep up with what he’s doing follow him on his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/DanielEsquivelFanClub


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