BiGAUSTIN’s Tools That Can Help Keep Your Social Media Content Relevant

social media relevance

Social media is a tool that can improve your online presence and the brand awareness of your company, but to ensure that the content isn’t overlooked you want to make the content enjoyable and relevant to your audience.
Here are few tools that can give you some ideas on content that can be incorporated into your topics.

1. Google Trend: Google Trend allows you to explore Google trending search topics. So if your the type of marketing professional that doesn’t follow trending media or topics,Google Trend has got you covered.

2. Addict-o-matic: With Addict-o-matic you can instantly create a custom page with the latest buzz on any topic.
This search engine provides you with a newsfeed of all the current mentions on topics that interest you. So for example, if you manage social media for a gourmet cupcake bakery, you could search content related to that and voila you’re presented with content from mentions on google, Bing, twitter, blogs, Friendfeed, Flikr and more!

3. Trendsmap: Trendsmap shows you the latest trends from twitter, for anywhere in the world and you can see hashtags that are trending near you. Trendsmap gives you the twitter scoop locally and internationally.


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